70 degrees and sunny

Another beautiful day in South Carolina, it feels like Spring is almost here! Steven and I loaded my car with our artwork to drop off at the gallery for this Friday's show. Teresa, the curator, posted a blurb about us on the Art & Light Gallery's blog. My good friend Ann also featured us in a blog post on A Beautiful Party. For those of you in the area, the opening reception is Friday, Feb. 4th & the artist talk is Saturday afternoon @ 2.
Here is my latest drawing in the series, no place like home.


Sunday Art Project

Sunday's project, aside from finishing my frames for the exhibition, is beginning this drawing...Inspired by the hot air balloon scene in the end of the Wizard of Oz, this drawing is about going home. I came up with this image at my parent's house over the holidays and worked on the composition back at my studio in Clemson.Save the date, Feb 4th from 6-9, opening reception at the Art and Light Gallery in Greenville. Steven and I are calling it Wonders and Blunders, our second joint art show. Half of my work for the show was drawn at a residency this past summer at La Macina di San Cresci in Greve in Chianti, Italy. The rest have been drawn stateside, between Ohio and South Carolina. Below are the newest drawings, sketched in 2010 & finished in 2011...

in case of shipwreck...

After finishing up this drawing, 'abandon ship,' I began sketching the prequel 'in case of shipwreck.' It is the latest in the Wonders and Blunders series for the February show in Greenville at the Art & Light Gallery. From idea to image, the finished work is 30' x 22'.


Snow days

A handful of snow days this past week gave me plenty of much needed studio time. I've spent my time getting drawings ready for my upcoming show with Steven in Greenville at the Art & Light Gallery. Here is the postcard, look for it in the mail near you! Stay tuned for finished works. For now, here is a glimpse at some drawings in progress.