why hello there

    Wednesday came around quick this week, and the afternoon here in San Antonio is overcast with a chill in the air.  Perfect studio weather!  I do hope it heats back up just a bit for this Saturday's craft & art show at the Community UCC.  I have an outdoor spot this weekend to display my artwork & painted necklaces along with a handful of sewn & stamped greeting cards.  Everybody loves a sweet note in the mail!  If you're in the city, come out to support local art and craft!

   Loose Tooth Studio has been fortunate to be involved in local art events every Saturday this month & it's been keeping me inspired during the week!   Bob Ross said every day is a good day when you're painting and I completely agree!  I'll be updating my Etsy shop and website at the beginning of December, so keep coming back for holiday gift ideas and new creative ventures!


Braundera YMCA Craft Fair

A new batch of paintings and collage, all ready for the craft fair tomorrow at the Braundera YMCA.
  San Antonio, come out and see me in O.P. Schnabel Park from 8-4 Saturday!


Paintings in Progress on Election Day

This afternoon the light was so wonderful in the living room that I moved my studio projects out to the kitchen table.  There are a handful of wooden cradleboards in the works right now...they are so fun to paint!  The bold patterns remind me of sweaters I wore in the early 90s.  I took a break to scour the bookshelves at the local thrift & returned home with E. H. Gombrich's Story of Art & a book on small parrots called Budgerigars.  It's no secret that I love the saturated colors in old bird & aquatic animal books.  They make great visual resources.

It is election day, and I voted early here in Texas. Someone (obviously not a printmaker) approved the batch of stickers available at my polling location that simply read 'I oted.'  There is a big blank spot down the middle.  Do you think it will be a collector's item?


Zion Lutheran Arts and Crafts Fair

  My table at the Zion Lutheran Arts & Crafts fair on November 3.  The morning started out overcast and looking like rain, but by afternoon the sun had come out and I got sunburned!   I was one of only three fine artists at this venue.   There is one more show at the end of this month, I'll be preparing some handmade greeting cards to accompany my artwork and necklaces.  It's finally time to break out the letterpress!

So Glad You're Here

Since I began my new job as a painting instructor at a local art studio in San Antonio, I've been using acrylics a lot more in my own artwork.  I love how a painting can continually change with a layer of color; the mixed media work on the left (5" x 7" x 1 1/2" canvas) was originally a robin's egg blue.  I painted and repainted, covered up a lovebird painting with a burst of colorful balloons and finally ended here, with a turquoise background, typed banner & collage elements from a vintage book on bird-keeping.  The paintings are much more free than my drawings, which can be fun but also frustrating when I can't figure out how to complete it.

'We Are'  acrylic, glitter, type, paper & thread on canvas