All Dogs Go To Heaven

Baby.  2013, 4" x 4" acrylic on cradleboard.
Growing up, we had Great Danes as family pets.  There are plenty of baby pictures of my brothers and I with our gentle, horse-like dogs.  One can imagine that it was quite a transition in 2001 when I talked my parents into rescuing Baby, a toy French poodle.  This tiny dog stole all of our hearts, including my dad's (though he had some nicknames for him not fit to print).  Baby hit a few rough patches in his later years when the neighbor's dog quite literally tried to eat him.  He died in May, shortly after mom & dad sold the house we lived in for 20 years.  RIP Baby, 1999-2012.

My mom had her 54th birthday yesterday, and it was the first in many years we have been together to celebrate, and also the first without the Babe.  It was so nice to be together.  I painted her this little portrait of him in the stars (or the snow...he was an Ohio dog, after all).  It took a long time for him to come to life in the painting.  The eyes are always the most difficult.  Once I had the right brushstroke around the face, I could almost feel his soft fur & hear him yipping in the distance.


Art Walk at Carnahan Elementary School

Yesterday I took part in the Art Walk at Carnahan Elementary-the event's purpose is to inspire children and help them see that art and inspiration is everywhere!  There were lots of different visual and performing artists who participated along with me.  There were singers, jewelry makers, writers, painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers... even a magician!

The Art Walk was set up like an indoor art fair, each artist had their own table and space to make art with the students.  I set out a small display of colorful paintings, a relief print with a handful of wood type and books that I use for inspiration.

I talked to the kids about what I do in my studio, how I became an artist and the importance of being creative.  A few crafty students even told me they wanted to be artists when they grow up!   I wanted the children to see art and then get their hands dirty with some printmaking, so I brought along hand-carved stamps, a few ink pads and a stack of cardstock.  The stamps were carved from rubber erasers, which are soft and small; perfect for little hands to get a good impression on paper.  I also made some pattern stamps so they could adorn the borders.  Check out a few of their awesome prints below!