Ladies First Holiday Arts & Crafts Show

    This past Saturday, I was a vendor in the Ladies First Holiday Art & Craft Show in San Antonio, my first art event as a Texas resident!  The previous fairs I participated in had significantly smaller tables, so it was nice to spread out and style it.  This was the first showing of my new painting series and bauble necklaces.



Preparing for the Ladies First Art Show


Hello there!  It is an overcast Tuesday afternoon here in San Antonio.  
My studio looks like a tornado struck, supplies scattered across the table as I switch between painting and necklace making in preparation for this weekend's event.  The Ladies First Holiday Arts & Crafts Show is Saturday at the First Assembly of God Church here in Texas, and it will be my first art event in the city.  I'm looking forward to meeting other artists and am excited to be a vendor in the show!  My booth will have plenty of wearable art along with original collages, drawings, prints & paintings.  



A few images of the painted wood necklaces I'm making.  My afternoon was spent stringing the beads and fancying them up!  These will make their debut at my art & craft fairs next month. They are big and chunky, but light to wear!  Each one hangs down about 13 inches for the longest strand, with the short strand measuring around 10 or 11 inches depending on the necklace.


I could breathe underwater

The third painting in my new 'Dream Sea' series.  2" x 6" x 6" acrylic & graphite.   I chose the title because they feel like daydreams, in both appearance & process--imagined, playful and vivid.  The fish's environment is very surreal, an undulating landscape growing amidst layers of paint & pattern.  First, I sketch the fish and match it to a painted cradleboard.  The image is then transferred from my sketchbook to the painting with tracing and carbon paper.                                                             


The Search I & II

The first two  acrylic paintings in my new series 'Dream Sea.'   The Search I & The Search II...I like the contrast between the geometric background and more organic shapes in the foreground.  I'm excited to have these and other new paintings at my next few art fairs in November!


Studio Happenings

I woke up early, brewed a pot of strawberry shortcake flavored coffee and sat down in my studio to paint with some equally sweet colors. These paintings are on 2" deep,      6" x 6" cradleboard-I began painting the background patterns when I lived in South Carolina, but never knew how to finish them.  Listening to Best Coast this morning, I began to paint a goldfish, swimming in a dream...I have a tiny plastic goldfish that sits in my studio, with an assortment of other inspirational and special things.  I bought it out of a quarter machine about eight years ago in Austintown, Ohio.  I was waiting for an order of fried fish and macaroni at No-Day's Deli to take home to my Grandma...I had two quarters in my pocket and I can't resist a quarter toy machine (or the bubblegum balls filled with nerds, those are great too).  Anyhow, I looked over to my desklamp and saw the little fish sitting there and knew she belonged in the painting.  Mixing a little bit of the past with the present.  The creative process here is so different from my drawings and prints-I'm letting them tell me what they want to do, rather than planning everything out from the beginning.  It's fun to play with the imagery and pops of color (neon glazes & glitter paints are a new studio obsession).