rock my dreamboat

After a day in the studio, I finished two new collages (1 about the sea, 1 about the sky) now posted to my Etsy shop. There was a storm brewing outside my window, and the lights flickered.  As I descended the stairs to the kitchen to cook for pasta Sunday, my power went out & stayed that way for two hours!  I lit candles and read some art history by flashlight...


LooseTooth on Etsy.com

It's official, my Etsy shop, LooseToothStudio, is now up and running on the Internet! There are only a few listings right now, but as the summer progresses I will be adding more new works. I'm focusing the shop solely on my sweet-tart collages; they're affordable, framed & ready to hang.
In ten days it's off to Ohio with my brother to visit the family and purchase my first press, a tabletop Nolan Proof press. I'm excited to get it in my studio and feel like a printmaker again.