New art on Etsy!

Hello all!  Today is Thursday, November is just flying by.   I give an art history lecture this afternoon on Cubism-Futurism and then it is the weekend! Steven and I will enjoy the Saturday football game in Greenville and I'm looking forward to it.  Go Tigers!  Next weekend we'll be off to Florence (SC, not Italy) to spend the holiday with my family.

I've begun uploading all of my newest collage work to Etsy...check back often because there is still a lot more coming!  I'm running a special for the next few days for free shipping from my shop, just use the coupon code 'FBfree' at checkout.  Lots of unique little original works of art with sweet sentiments; spread the love this holiday season with artwork, framed and ready to display.  (Plus, shopping handmade is good for you)


Handmade Market in Raleigh NC

 The Handmade Market was a juried, one day art market in downtown Raleigh NC at Cobblestone Hall. There were 2-D & 3-D artists, lots of jewelry, soaps & other delightful things. It was a really neat space, with huge windows and doors flung wide open to let in light and fresh air.  There were a little over 50 vendors at the fair, and I was brand new to the area.  People began pouring in right at 11 am, and the crowds were steady until we closed at 5.
The Handmaidens did a great job organizing the event!  Steven was a great support for me that day, driving me at the crack of dawn to Raleigh, helping me unload, set up & keeping me updated on the score of the Clemson game.  Thank you boyfriend!

Organizing some last minute details before the crowds arrived.
 The majority of the work I brought was brand new & made specifically for the Handmade Market.  I also presented my mixed media drawings in frames this time around, hoping to entice some buyers (like last time, the collages were most popular.)  I had a nice big table that I adorned with a dusty aqua table cloth.  It worked perfectly to complement the color schemes in my work & I was pleased with how the setup looked.  The table was about 6 feet long, so I had some space to spread out and arrange everything.  There were a few familiar faces from the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville. I traded a collage for a nifty new handbag by Sally at SewFew.  Be jealous!

This was my favorite new piece that I made for the art fair, combining a reductive relief in green, gold ink, type, thread & cutout parrots in a vintage gold frame.  The frame had some red running through it, which complemented the green background & mirrored the red in the chest of the birds.  I made it the night Steven came home from Texas.  'It's not the same without you here' found a good home with an older couple, whose conversation prior to purchasing went something like this:

Woman: ooh, I like this one. Do you like it?
Man:  Yea, it's nice.
Woman:  I'll take it!
Man: Well I meant I liked it, I didn't mean you should buy it!
Woman: Oh, but we're getting it.
Man:  I've got to go outside, I'm about to have a coronary.

Now it's back to work in the studio & time to relax a little!  Today I introduced the self-portrait final project to my drawing class & tomorrow I begin my modern art lecture series with the art appreciation courses.  The semester will be ending soon, it's hard to believe. Time flies.



Today I stopped by my favorite local used bookstore before heading off to work.  I picked up  an awesome 12th edition of Gardner's Art Through the Ages,  Brunelleschi's Dome and a stack of discounted aquarium & bird handbooks.  The colors are so saturated and unreal in the lovebird & parrakeet guide (not to be confused with parakeets as the author politely warned in the preface). I cut out a few of the images for collage material but am leaving the rest intact for a drawing resource & color scheme inspiration.

While I was studying abroad in 2006, there were green parrots that used to fly around behind the villa where we lived in Italy.  I'd see them every once in awhile out the window of my bedroom & it seemed like a dream.  The collage to the left is nostalgic & brand new for Saturday's art fair.  It is a carborundum monoprint with found paper, type, ink & foil seals.  I've had this little container of gold foil seals for years now, purchased for a mere 25 cents in South Dakota.  It should be noted that every semester after I give the Byzantine lecture to my art history classes, I tend to use lots of gold in my art for the following weeks...


Love & Loss at Sea

My pet fish of nearly four years recently passed on to the next life.  He was a hearty fellow, who survived many trials and tribulations in his life (most involving bumpy holiday trips to Ohio from SC).  He was purchased on February 14 at Wal-Mart...he was encased in a hot pink cardboard box with a heart-shaped cutout so you could look in to see the fish.  When I walked by, I couldn't bear the thought of him sitting there alone and so of course I brought him home.

In my studio I have a wonderfully dated book, The Guide to Breeding Aquarium Fish, that I purchased a long time ago for collage material....within the pages are some bizarrely tinted & grainy photos of fish getting romantic and I was instantly drawn to it.  Perhaps because Professor Soggybottoms has been on my mind lately, and also because I was also craving a change in subject matter, I pulled it off the shelf and started cutting away.  Last night I began my new angelfish series (did you know, in the case of angelfish, the males are nice to the females during courtship & form long term relationships?  Once they've mated, if one of them dies or is removed from the tank, apparently they refuse to pair up again...)

 Here's a glimpse of the 'brand-new, fresh from the studio table mixed media works' (printmaking, painting, thread, type & found images).  They'll be exhibited for the first time on Saturday at the Handmade Market in Raleigh, NC.  Check out the artist featurette on their blog for Loose Tooth Studio!


Handmade Market

One week of studio time left until the Handmade Market in Raleigh, NC.  I'm looking forward to my second art fair!  The first was such a great experience. I am spending my nights feverishly making art to bring along. Lots of text, polka dots and party banners in the new work.  

My friend Ann feautured my studio in her blog, A Beautiful Party.  She is one of my contemporary art heroes, and I'm lucky to have such creative & inspiring friends!