the last Sunday in May

At this time last May, I was leaving on a plane for Italy. I find myself stateside this time around, all summer long, and have resolved to treat my home studio as if it were an exotic and exciting residency. Lately I've been working on new sweet-tarts, my 'love letter' collages. Inspired by just about everything related to love and longing, between dreams and waking life...feathers have crept their way into the mix of thread, lace and print. Currently on my summer studio playlist, one of my favorite bands from forever ago, Sigur Ros, along with the Smiths, Beach Boys, Cocorosie and the Magnetic Fields....

sogni d'oro, mi manchi

Sunday's batch of sweet-tarts, combining reductive relief prints with feathers, lace and type.


migratory patterns

Bon voyage, safe travels, see you later. Inspired by birds, who flock and fly together. This collage is made from a reductive relief print of clouds, lace, thread, type and feathers. The red bow is a reminder not to forget... This is the last from my stockpile of vintage embroidery frames. They were really the perfect size for these collages: I make them small so the viewing experience with them is more intimate, like a secret you keep close.
A memento.


the restless sea

I'm working on a brand new collection of my sweet-tart collages, inspired by love and the summer. Each one will be matted and presented in a vintage gold frame just like the one above, titled the long swim. By June I plan to have my Etsy shop up and running, details to follow. I have summer off from teaching (one of the great advantages of being a college instructor) and have plenty of studio time ahead of me!