Bump-it Portfolio Exchange

Finished up my edition for the Bump-It Mafia Portfolio.  Since I lack a drying rack they are taped to my closet doors; this also makes it easier to curate with limited space.  The exchange is being organized by my friend Katy Seals along with Cat Snapp & Linda Santana.  They pulled together a list of lady printmakers to make editions expressing their femininity.  It will be shown at UNT in Denton, Texas.

My image is about dreaming of becoming an artist when I grew up (though for a brief period I also wanted to be a cake decorator, truck driver & veterinarian) The background pattern of my print is inspired by the wallpaper in my old bedroom.  I picked it out as a pink-loving fourth grader when we moved to our new house on Squirrel Hill Dr.  The nest my chickadee is perched upon is derived from pixie tails, care of Lady Lovely Locks, a favorite toy and subtle nod to playing dress-up in the past.  The playful colors feel like a pleasant dream, and the text 'buona fortuna'  (Italian for good luck) links this image to the present; my travels abroad have shaped who I am and what I create.  I can't wait to get back the collated exchange and check out everyone else's interpretation of this theme!


Visiting Artist at MTSU

Meghan's students made the letterpress posters
for my visit.
I spent the past week as the visiting artist in the printmaking department at Middle Tennesse State University (MTSU).  My friend Meghan is a professor there & invited me to come to Murfreesboro to lecture about my art, hold critiques with the advanced printmakers & print a few editions with students assistants. In my artist lecture I talked about my creative inspiration, studio process & the evolution of my art over the past few years.   With the help of some hardworking students, in five days we printed four total editions, two 15" x 20" combining litho with silkscreen (ed. 30) & two 8" x 10" CMYK color separation silkscreens (ed. 25).  We printed about 20 extra of each litho edition, so I have plenty of proofs that will eventually become collage material.  For the large editions, the key was a lithograph with silkscreen layered on top for the five color flats.   I drew on the limestones using colored pencil instead of litho crayons; with the wisdom of Meghan & the Tamarind book of lithography, they etched beautifully.

While I was in school at Ohio University, I was a print assistant for my professors Art Werger & Mary Manusos in their studios.  I learned so much about printmaking from them & the visiting artists they brought in, so this was a really thrilling, rewarding experience for me!

Below is a video of my assistant Josh & I tandem silkscreening, along with some photo highlights from the trip.


Rolling up the stone to print the key image for my second edition, 'hurry up let's go!'
Maegan & Evie took turns sponging & registering paper.  On the right are the stencils we shot onto the screens.

Mixing & pulling down inks for the 1st color.
'We go down together' lithograph & silkscreen, 15" x 20", ed. 30.  2011.
Thanks to MTSU, Meghan O'Connor & my wonderful printer's assistants (Amanda, Josh, Betsy, Evan, Kelsey, Nichole, Meagan, Evie, Wesley & Calvin).  Happy printing!
Kelsey painting on screen filler to mask
 inconsistencies in the emulsion.
Josh assisting with silkscreen.
Betsy drying the prints after the last color run. 
Evan registered the paper for color.