Paintings in Progress on Election Day

This afternoon the light was so wonderful in the living room that I moved my studio projects out to the kitchen table.  There are a handful of wooden cradleboards in the works right now...they are so fun to paint!  The bold patterns remind me of sweaters I wore in the early 90s.  I took a break to scour the bookshelves at the local thrift & returned home with E. H. Gombrich's Story of Art & a book on small parrots called Budgerigars.  It's no secret that I love the saturated colors in old bird & aquatic animal books.  They make great visual resources.

It is election day, and I voted early here in Texas. Someone (obviously not a printmaker) approved the batch of stickers available at my polling location that simply read 'I oted.'  There is a big blank spot down the middle.  Do you think it will be a collector's item?


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