Back to reality, stateside

Happy 4th of July! I arrived home in time to celebrate our independence!
It has been a week since my flight home from Italy and I can hardly believe it! The residency went by so quickly! Last night I spent reorganizing and tidying up my studio. Clementine was a big help in the process, here she is resting her eyes. Finished this piece at home yesterday as well, had to buy more pale green and gold prismacolor to finish the background. Up and Away, Bon Voyage!
While I was away, my garden continued to flourish and so I enjoyed a nice caprese salad from the front yard! A bit of Italy, even in South Carolina.


  1. Clementine looks comfortable and I'm sure she's glad to be back in your studio. t's great to see your typewriter in picture, I know that it'll be getting some "me" time. Knowing how you wanted to bring it with you when you went to Italy!
    I love the heart pic with you in back ground It's a wonderful way to spend Independence! Sparklers, brings back great memories!
    I love your finished piece, UP and Away, Buon Voyage. It's so intricate and enticing.

  2. The caprese salad looks more than wonderful! Something you would order at your favorite Italian haunt! May your garden flourish and give
    you wonderful friends to share it with!


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