Wonders and Blunders

We had a great turnout for the opening reception of mine & Steven's 2nd joint art exhibition, Wonders & Blunders. The gallery looked dreamy, like a Valentine's party complete with pink balloons and heart shaped cookies. Teresa, the curator, featured my drawings and Steven's photographs on the Art & Light Gallery's website. The show will be on display through the end of the month & some of it can be purchased here.

Wonders & Blunders, by Rachael Madeline & Steven Bower
Opening night for Wonders & Blunders, Feb 4th at the Art & Light Gallery

Steven's photographs & miniatures at the gallery

Talking about sketching, from idea to image, during my artist lecture at the Art & Light Gallery on Saturday afternoon.


  1. Wonderful First Friday, weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed your Artist Lecture on Saturday, very informative about your techniques. Very impressive. I hope Theresa continues the Artist Lectures on the day after the Art openings. Great idea!


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