It's been far too long since my last update.  The days of summer are drifting by...today I spent my Sunday making art in my studio, and it felt good to get back into a creative groove.  The past few weeks have been spent reorganizing and readjusting to life in Clemson after a whirlwind visit to Ohio.  I've launched a proper website, www.rachaelmadeline.com, and set up a proofing press (15" x 34" Nolan) in my studio.  On Saturday afternoon Steven and I ventured over to Greenville to bring a new batch of my drawings to Teresa at the art & light gallery.  The small series (all 4" x 6") are called 'sweet-tweets.'  Like my other recent drawing with chickadees, they chronicle a love story, this time on an intimate scale.  They begin as sketches on tracing paper, and are then overlapped with different hand-drawn patterns.  When the final composition is arranged, the image is transferred onto Stonehenge paper, via the handy light table my dad & I made together last December.  The drawings are then filled in with graphite, colored pencil and a variety of metallic inks.  Contact the gallery for purchasing details.


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