1,000 kisses

 Sweetheart art to warm the heart.
Baci mille (literally, a thousand kisses...)  Steven left this morning for Texas and will arrive tomorrow afternoon.  It will be a month and a half until we meet again, the longest expanse of time we've ever been apart.  It is Pasta Sunday & I cooked my favorite dish for dinner,  angelhair with red sauce and soyballs (the vegetarian version of meatballs my Grandma used to make, except I add red pepper flakes to the recipe.)  Cooking is a lot like art-making.  I like to experiment in the kitchen and make up recipes as I go.  It will either be, as my high school art teacher would say, disaster-piece or a masterpiece...

Today almost the entire day was spent in my studio, working on a watercolor painting and a few collages.  The image to the left will be listed soon in my Etsy shop (free shipping until 1/31!)  It is a simple image with a little shimmer, polka dots, and a lot of love.


  1. I wish I could come stay with you for a month and a half and have an art retreat. we could make veggie spaghetti every night and draw and draw and collage and draw.


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