Ohio University Alumni Portfolio Exchange, 2012

carving the MDF plate for the second color
Some images from the making of my relief print edition, 'alla prossima volta,' for Ohio University's annual alumni portfolio exchange.  The edition of 44 was printed on a half sheet (15" x 20") of paper, reductively from one block in six runs.  Shop talk:  I used MDF for the relief surface; the perfect height to run on my proofing press with a little packing for correct pressure.  This is the fourth edition I've pulled from my new press, and the results were much crisper printing from the MDF as opposed to mounted linoleum. It seemed that the paper didn't warp or get pushed down into the carved areas as much.  I used pieces of leftover pine from my last framing project to lock up the block for proper registration.   The first run on this print was in light blue, followed by a foreground stencil roll in brown.  Medium blue was next in the background, followed by bright green & dark blue printed in the same pass (run 4).   The final two runs were transparent purple and then black for the key image.

loose tooth studio
Clemson SC
If you're a relief printmaker on the hunt for a press on a small budget with limited space, I'd definitely recommend a tabletop Nolan! I found mine through a great printmaking site called briarpress.  My studio space is very tight, but everything has its place.    The press is resting on an old desk from my parents house which holds   all of my inks and pallette knives in one convenient place.  I found some old metal folder racks at the local thrift store, which work great as portable drying racks (see image to the right)!  When they're not in use, I just stack and tuck them away under my desk.  I clean up with baby oil; it takes the ink off my rollers & doesn't require special disposal or ventilation.  It's nice to realize my images in a different print process.

Alla Prossima Volta (until next time)
 20" x 15", ed. 44, reductive relief


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