Good afternoon, lovebirds!  It's a warm and sunny day in Clemson.  With a pot of fresh coffee by my side, a sketchbook in front of me & the Beach Boys on the stereo, I've spent the morning sketching lovebirds.  I am in the midst of finishing up work on my new series of mixed media drawings & framing them for exhibition.  Five large drawings and 3 smaller watercolors were made especially for the art & light gallery.  Opening reception is Friday, April 6th, from 6-9 pm.   Pictures of the installed work to follow next week!

The past two weeks have been spent traveling to Ohio, Texas, and back again.  Lots of changes (my parents sold the house we lived in for 20 years and were in the process of moving when I visited, I met my new baby cousin Noah & Steven and I got engaged!)  Perhaps amplified by recent events, the themes of romantic love, distance and the comfort of home are constant in all the new pieces.  I've been dabbling in watercolor, creating dreamy washes with stamped text undulating in the background.  I discovered that dampening the stamped letters dilutes the color and creates an embossed effect on the paper.  A happy surprise!


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