A Very Fine House

From idea to image, A Very Fine House8" x 10" Graphite, colored pencil, ink.

I woke up with this scene in my head on Sunday and immediately began drafting it out and working on a color scheme in my studio.  Between the end of the semester and framing art for the previous month's exhibits, it's been a few weeks since I've made a drawing in my studio.  It's time to order more paper and colored pencils.  I found some neon pink and yellow Prismacolor listed online, much to my delight!  

Inspired by the month's upcoming weddings
this mixed media drawing is the newest listing in my Etsy shop.  I want to live in that house.

Birds of a Feather, 8" x 10" 
Graphite, colored pencil, ink. 

The hanging stars remind me a bit of 

A Trip to the Moon.  


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