'Worst Portfolio Ever', the Kitsch Kittens Edition

'Kitsch Kittens' ed. 30, relief.

Images of each run for the edition 'Kitsch Kittens,' printed for Melody Vaughan's (MTSU) 'Worst Portfolio Ever.'  The idea was born from the overuse/misuse of certain images by beginning printmakers.  From the list of banned images, I chose kittens and hearts.  I always told myself (mostly joking) that after graduate school I would produce lots of cat art and use plenty of glitter.  That day has finally come and my pets Lola, Mia & Clementine are now forever immortalized.  You can see Lola in the above right photograph, watching over the drying rack as I printed the key last week.  I used MDF and carved reductively, 5 runs total, printed on a tabletop Nolan.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone else came up with for the exchange portfolio!


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