Pinterest DIY: Geometric Pendant Necklace

The official blog of the Indie Craft Parade is full of artist interviews, inspiration & DIY projects from around the web.   Their post on the geometric trend in art and accessories caught my interest, especially the 'Geometric Pendant' from Dismount Creative, which was the basis for my most recent creation.  In the interest of keeping things fancy, I made some alterations to the original DIY: rather than a single pendant, I made a double stranded necklace with clusters of geometric beads & incorporated neon pink into the color scheme.

Supplies:  sculpey clay (I used two packages of silver and 1 neon pink), chain for a necklace, exacto blade, thin knitting needle to poke holes into clay.

Directions:  Following the directions from Dismount Creative,  I conditioned the clay by hand and shaped it into a ball.  I pressed it onto the surface of my table to make the back nice and flat, then the holes were made in the beads using a thin knitting needle.  Next, I sliced the angles with a razor blade and baked the beads  in the oven for 60 minutes at 275 degrees (follow the directions for baking on the clay package).  To create the marbled beads, I kneaded scraps of the silver and pink clay together.  The necklaces I used came in a two-pack from the craft store; I extended the second necklace with jump rings and attached it to the clasps on the longer necklace (see image below).


  1. Love the shapes and colors! Is this necklace for sale/will your jewelry be on your etsy site for sale?

  2. I am working on getting the necklaces ready for Etsy this month!


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