Beyond Love

Beginning to paint in the succulents on my wallpaper piece.  Each plant is being blocked in, then blended using a combination of wet on wet and scumbling.  Still trying to decide what will happen in the background...

The Robert Indiana show, Beyond Love, opened at the McNay last week.  Steven and I attended the preview reception and guest lecture by Barbara Haskell, Curator from the Whitney Museum of American Art.  She gave a really interesting and detailed talk about the life of Indiana. Most people associate the artist with is his iconic Love sculpture...a light up version called Electric Love is in the exhibit, along with his paintings, collage, prints and assemblages.  My favorite piece in the show is titled The Demuth American Dream No. 5.  It features the artist's text 'American dream, err, hug, eat, die' and appropriated imagery from Charles Demuth's I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold.  We learned the words 'eat' and 'die' held a particular significance for the artist, as the last words his mother said to him were 'have you had enough to eat?'

Learn more about Robert Indiana on Artsy.


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