HOT! Opening Reception

Friday, July 25th marked the opening reception for the HOT! exhibition at the Bihl Haus Gallery on Fredericksburg Road.  The show's theme centered upon San Antonio artists' interpretations of the effects of climate change.  My friend Rikkianne and I created paintings specifically for the show, now on exhibit through September 13.  The show inside the gallery was an eclectic mix of painting, collage, printmaking & sculpture, along with a few site specific installations on the grounds.  Below are a few photos from the opening-the central sculpture was created by Raul Castellanos, People's Choice Winner.  Everything from bird feathers to toy lungs were covered in a tar-like substance and arranged to suggest an oil derrick.  A functional clock hangs in the center of the piece, counting time.

 On the left are the 'Melting Ice Caps' installed in the pool outside the gallery.  Inside, part of the sculpture hung in the corner next to my painting 'You Are a Rare Bird', 16" x 20" acrylic on canvas

Artist Statement for my painting 'You Are A Rare Bird' Changes in weather are signaling earlier departures and changing the migratory ranges of many birds.  Insects are hatching sooner, plants blooming earlier and the birds are venturing further from their normal habitats, not always finding the food and temperatures necessary for survival.  The Golden Cheeked Warbler featured in my painting is the only bird who nests exclusively in Texas.  As their habitat is altered by urbanization and their migration affected by changing temperatures, this species is endangered.  I intended for the birds to appear without direction in this afocal scene.  Identified by golden cheeks, the rest of the bodies were painted by memory (which this species will become if something doesn’t change).  They fly over a slate gray background, covered in an abstract pattern derived from the juniper trees where the birds nest.  Dotted amidst the pattern are white raindrops, needed weather in times of drought.  In my art, wallpaper symbolizes a familiar domestic space-a welcome home that is disappearing for these birds.

There was a beautiful sunset as we left the reception, a cool end to a hot day.  It was nice to be around  other artists and have art in a show with my talented friend and coworker.  Thank you Bihl Haus Arts for a great local show!


  1. What a wonderful evening at the Opening Reception of HOT and boy was it HOT! I love your art work about the Golden Cheeked Warbler! I had a Wonderful evening at the Biel Haus. Sharing the Arts again with my Daughter, Rachael the Artist! Thank You, the evening it had certainly made you think of climate change and the art work showed it in so many different ways. Molta Bella. amore,madre

  2. Congratulations to Rachael and Her friend Rikkieanne another wonderful artist whom had art work entered in the HOT Art Show!


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