Portrait Painting Commissions

This llama painting was a recent custom portrait commission.  He was hilarious to paint with those goofy teeth and fluffy mane.  Carson and his wife sent me these photos of the 8" x 8" painting hanging in their home in NY, along with a picture of Rachel unwrapping her gift.  She looks happy!

Below are a few more custom portraits I've made this Fall.  Each painting is acrylic on wood cradleboard, wired and ready to hang (each has a depth of 1/2").  There are a variety of sizes, ranging from 5 inches to 12 inches square.  Order yours here.

This little pug was a birthday present, commissioned for a woman in Ohio.

Brutus was painted for a Browns fan in Ohio, so the background contained the team colors.  

A local commission of a very playful pup! 

I really like painting on the wood for pet portraits, the smooth surface allows for more detail. Every portrait is drawn from a photograph and you can choose the color palette and background pattern to suit your taste.


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