Looking past and moving forward

The start of the week is full of possibilities.  I am a big to-do list writer, and it feels good to have a long list that dwindles down as the days pass.  My Grandma was also a list maker, and kept small notebooks full of times and numbers, tracking her daily activities, medicine, and other notes she needed to remember. Below is a piece from 2008, inspired by her writing.  

Notes from an Ordinary Day, monotype, pins and thread mounted in a silver box (detail)

First on my to-do list is a work of art for Steven's office.  I have been sketching grackles and fishing lures for awhile, and now it is time to put the pieces together.  The background will be simple, similar to this drawing I made for Dad.  The bird will be dark and heavy at the top of the page, with brightly colored lures dangling down...I'm excited to work in a new direction and create something special for my husband!


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