Maxx & pet portrait paintings

I painted this portrait of my brother's dog, Maxx, for his birthday gift.  I've been waiting for him to receive it in the mail before I posted pictures, not wanting to ruin the surprise!  It's hard to believe my little brother is 29, and my baby brother is right behind him at 27 in a few weeks!  Time is passing too quickly.

'Maxx' is acrylic on cradleboard, 4" x 4" x 1".   Maxx is the fourth dog portrait I've painted...there is always a point halfway through the painting where it looks nothing like what I plan, but it always comes together in the end.  This is something I communicate to my painting classes, how art doesn't always look perfect in the beginning just have to let it be and keep working.
There is a custom portrait listing on my Etsy site, these paintings make wonderful gifts!  Discounts for multiple orders & free shipping.

Pictured below:  All Dogs Go to Heaven (Baby) & Must Love Dogs (Bella & Angus)


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