Pajamas & Pancakes

The art studio where I work, Painting with a Twist, was a part of the 'Pajamas & Pancakes' on Saturday at the Holiday Ole Market.  The special event was put on by the Junior League at the AT&T center here in San Antonio.   Kids came through with their families in pajamas to have pancakes and make some art with us!  My boss, coworkers and I arrived with coffee, 60 canvases and plenty of paint.  We gave some informal instruction to the young painters, but for the most part they had their own artistic visions in mind.  They got very creative, painting everything from pumpkins to cats, ghosts, one dinosaur, a pig and quite a few nonobjective images.  Even the babies got in on the fun-I painted the feet of two newborns to make stamped footprints on canvas.  I expected babies would be more ticklish, but they didn't seem to mind getting their feet coated in wet paint.
Steven and I close on our first home this week!  Among other things, we are looking forward to having trick-or-treaters in our new neighborhood!   There are a lot of families around, and we are right down the street from the elementary school.  I remember one Halloween in Ohio, my brothers and I trekked through a foot of snow to trick-or-treat...


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