welcome home

These small paintings are the beginning of a new series I'm creating especially for an upcoming art fair.  With my husband returning from a long work trip and the process of buying a house coming to a close, the thought of 'welcome home' has been on my mind a lot lately.   Plus, it was a great reason to use neon and paint confetti.  In college I had a pet goldfish that lived with a few other stragglers rescued from the bait tank at the local Wal-Mart...one was a tiny red betta named Ruby.  She lived happily with the goldfish and black molly in the tank, contrary to what the books say about them being solitary creatures.  It's funny that over all the years that I kept fish, I never once painted or drew them until they were gone.

We finally closed on our new home and got the keys on Friday afternoon!  After signing our lives away to the bank, we made a pilgrimage to Home Depot to pick up a lawnmower, paint and cleaning supplies.  For our first night as homeowners, we stayed on an air mattress with takeout pizza and watched the Goonies on DVD.  We've still got a month and a half on our lease, so it will be nice to move over slowly and unpack as we go, instead of living out of boxes for a month like the last move.  Our TV has been tuned in to my new favorite show, Property Brothers, filling my head with ideas for the house, ways to really make it feel like it's ours.   My studio will be relocated for the second time in a year and a half, and I'm ready for it...I feel like the new space will breathe some fresh air into my studio practice. 


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