Fishing Lure Series

Sneak peak of my fishing lure series in acrylic on 6" x 6" x 1 1/2" canvas.  There are eight in the works for my shop for Father's Day.  My Dad loves to fish & one summer vacation he caught a bunch of catfish to cook for dinner.  As the day wore on, I started to feel remorse for the doomed fish swimming in the cooler.  I pitched such a fit that my brothers refused to eat them as well and we set them free.  This memory reminds me of the scene from E.T. where Elliot convinces his classmates to let their frogs go instead of dissecting them.
My husband suggested I look at fishing lures, knowing I would be inspired by their colors and patterns. The feathers, glitter, stripes and neon colors are fun to work with.  I'll share some finished images soon!



    Diddy !


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