This painting was sidelined the past few months as teaching took it is finals week and summer break is close, which means more time in my studio! This is the largest painting I've made since undergrad, two feet wide and three feet tall.  I'm planning a series for the summer, more this size and a handful of 2' square canvases. Housewarming contains a paper crane for each place I've lived set against a patterned background, a loose interpretation of my Grandma's kitchen wallpaper.  
  All around town you can find knockout roses in varying shades of pink which remind me so much of my Grandma's roses with their thin and papery magenta blooms.  My husband and I bought a handful of the rosebushes to plant in our backyard, so it seemed appropriate to add them to my painted garden.  
  The final sale is still running in my Etsy shop, the code ART10 will save you 10% off original art.  I'm letting the listings expire and won't be renewing them, as all sales get moved to my website this summer.  


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