Recent pet commissions

Now that the gifts have been received, I am able to share the holiday commissions.  These petite portraits were shipped all over, from Kansas to Ohio & Georgia.  Each measures 5 x 5 x 3/4", acrylic on birch veneer panels, cradled on a solid wood frame with a sawtooth hanger.  I start the paintings with the background patterns and wrap the edges of the cradleboard.   Then I sketch the pet (based on their photograph) on tracing paper and transfer it to the board with carbon paper.  I use tracing paper so that I can see where the pet will 'sit' on the panel.  Next comes the underpainting to establish the value and fur patterns, followed lastly by the details. In the case of the pirate dog, I added a special costumed twist at the request of the patron.  Commission yours here


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