Student work, Fall 2014


Here is a sampling of student work produced by my studio courses at the colleges this past Fall.  I taught the drawing class the art of observation using different techniques, from relative proportions to gridding.

After learning sighting techniques in charcoal, the class moved on to color using chalk pastels. They presented their first sketchbook assignment together alongside their final drawing, a self-portrait,   to show their improvements in observation.

The painting students worked through color theory for the first few weeks of class.  The course is designed to emphasize design skills while learning the technical aspects of the medium with an emphasis on color and value manipulation.  Later in the semester, they had the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in the library at Northwest Vista College alongside my art appreciation class.  
The images below are student works from the collage project.  The assignment was to create an 8 x 10" collage that was used as the basis for their painting compositions.  My students were motivated and produced some good, creative work this semester.


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