2014 Lopez Center Painters

Art classes across the city are taught by the Go! Arts Program through Bihl Haus Arts.  Visual arts (drawing, painting) and creative writing teachers are brought to senior centers, encouraging creativity and expression.   For the past year, I've taught the advanced painting class at the Alicia Trevino Lopez Center.  The center is run by the city of San Antonio and the WellMed Charitable Foundation.  One of my students told me that since she has been painting, her health has improved immensely; she no longer needs some of her medications.  Others have expressed this same sentiment.  Their friendship, excitement to learn and create is inspirational.  Over the course of our weekly meetings, they have studied perspective, portraiture, color theory, art history and techniques in both acrylic in watercolor.
On the left, students work on their watercolor paintings.  Above, right, Tomasita adds the background to her garden scene.  I've sincerely enjoyed getting to know my students, learning about their lives through their art.

These paintings were done by married artists Lucila & Ernesto.  For the project, they chose to work on views of their yard from memory;  Lucila painted the back & Ernesto painted the front.   They didn't see each other's art until they finished!  Looks like paradise.
The National Institute of Senior Centers recognized the Go Arts! classes as a program of excellence; my class is pictured with the award in the creative and expressive arts category.
 Above, Bonita, Teresa & Brenda with their paintings.  Many students began working larger last semester, which is very exciting!  Teresa painted her sunset scene from a vacation photo for her grandson; the canvas is nearly as long as she is tall.  Below is our class from the summer session; lots of creative energy!


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