Pinterest DIY: embroidery floss necklaces

Mollie Makes provided the inspiration for this necklace DIY.  My friend's daughter Mia was the recipient of my first try at the embroidery floss craft. Mia and her mom, Rikkianne, are always crafting awesome things together.  After finishing up my painting commissions, I got back to making wearable art.  This project was simple enough; I began by unwinding a handful of threads bundles in pastel shades, plus a few strands of black & white baker's twine.  My knots weren't quite as large or closely spaced as the original, but it got me thinking about different ways to adapt the design.  The images below are my subsequent attempts at these soft necklaces.  They are a little rough around the edges, but improving with each new design. The whip is helping to disguise the knots and ends.

As I continued to look online at embroidery thread necklaces, I came across a Proenza Schouler DIY on the site Honestly WTF & another inspired by Holst & Lee.

This last necklace incorporates flourescent paracord and bungee cord for variation in texture.  I began this by looping the pink paracord together to make the necklace large enough to put on over my head, eliminating the need for a clasp.  The ropes were stitched together, and then embroidery floss was whipped over to hide the seams and add more color.  Lastly, I embellished with some jade beads I had from an earlier project.


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