DIY Fringe Necklace

I've had this pom-pom thread in my studio for a few years now, just waiting for the right project.  Before the new year, I combed through my studio and found supplies from my days using thread in my prints and collages.  I began this newest wearable art construction with a huge bundle of turquoise embroidery floss, roughly 30" in length.  I wove the magenta pom-pom thread into the braid and tied it off.  Black paracord served as the base for this necklace, looped around itself at the back so the necklace can slip on and off without a clasp.  Where the cord and braid met, it was stitched together to reinforce the seams. I added a length of black and white bungee cord along the inside of the braid and stitched it along the curve to prevent the necklace from flattening out when wearing.  I discovered this black fringe on a trip to JoAnn Fabric with my mother-in-law. The final step was to add the whips of colorful embroidery thread around the braided ends.


  1. I love it! Wearable art! Amore,madre


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