sail away with me

 In high school photo class, we were given the assignment to photograph strangers.  I lived a mere 40 minutes from the Pittsburgh airport by car and so I set off with my Dad's camera, armed with a few rolls of black and white film.  This was when you could walk right into the airport & up to the gates.  I approached a few people and asked to take their picture; the last person I walked up to was an older, dapper man who reached in his jacket pocket and handed me an autographed postcard.  There was a picture of four men on it, and it was labeled 'The Ink Spots.'  He said, 'ask your Grandma about us,' which I did when I got home.  She kept the postcard was on her icebox for a long while.  I now love this band & listen to them, usually on Sundays.  'Someone's rocking my dreamboat' was the inspiration for today's drawing. I checked on the internet & the last original member died 5 years before I was assigned this project, so I'm wondering who I took a picture of, I never asked his name.  I became starstruck and embarassed that I didn't somehow recognize him.  Apparently there were almost 20 reincarnations of the group, according to their website.  It could have been Huey Long.  Next time I'm at my parent's house in Ohio I'll dig out my old portfolio and compare the portraits.  Either way, still lovely music that makes me feel nostalgic & romantic.


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