I am dreaming of a place....

I was featured in art & light gallery's blog yesterday. Owner/curator Teresa took to her blog & wrote about my new sweet-tweet drawings and collage for the resident artist collection.  Ever since we met four years ago, she has been very supportive of my work as a newly established local artist. She hosted my most recent joint exhibition with Steven, Wonders and Blunders, this past february.  It was a lovely sweetheart art party that both of our families, lots of friends & art lovers got to attend.  Her gallery is a very eclectic and wonderful collection of affordable local art & upcycled home decor.  It's a great place to start your own art collection, spruce up your living space & find presents for the special people in your life.  Whenever I get a chance to go to Greenville, I always make sure to stop by and see what's new, and you should too!
Thanks Teresa!

On the left is my most recent sweet-tweet drawing, i am dreaming of a place, finished up late Wednesday night. I love days in the studio that last all day.  I was thinking about lovebirds and moving which brought to mind my next door neighbors growing up, Pete and Stella.  My family used to live in a house on the other side of town on Argyle Ave & I have really great memories from that neighborhood.  Pete and Stella were retired science teachers who lived next door, and my brothers and I were often over there to visit, always coming home with little treasures they'd given us.  I still have a piece of flint rock and tiny dried sweetheart rose they gave me in my jewelry box.  Always smiling & always together,  whether it was raking leaves out front, visiting in the living room, or in the backyard under their ginkgo tree.  I remember the leaves from that tree, I thought they were so beautiful.  Stella died shortly after Pete and I'm sure it was of a broken heart.  We moved from that house when I was in 4th grade, across town to Squirrel Hill.  My parents have been preparing to sell the house & with Steven graduating we've been talking a lot about new locations.  All of those thoughts are wrapped up in my new drawing, a dream of the past nestled in the ginkgo leaves, looking forward to a new journey together.  After all, birds of a feather flock together.  I've been experimenting with more saturated, bolder patterns in the background, using liquid drawing ink to flatten it with outline.  As the drawings are finished, I've been uploading them to my flickr feed so be sure to visit and leave some feedback!

With three weeks left until the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, I've been staying busy in the studio, on a major creative kick.  Next week I'm going to take my Nolan press for a spin with some type-high relief blocks I picked up.  Look for lots of new posts over the next few weeks!


  1. What a lovely story! Thank you for sharing where your inspiration came from.


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