Drawing Workshop at the Commander's House

    July 30th concluded my second art workshop for the Commander's House.  The three day course was an introduction to observational drawing techniques and the still life using graphite.  On first day of class, I introduced my students to the history of drawing and they began blind contour exercises using seashells and beets.  Next, students practiced how to measure & compare proportions, to improve their accuracy in describing spatial relationships on paper.  During the final day of the workshop, they blended values, layered pencils and learned how to use the eraser as a drawing tool.

A big thank you to the Commander's House staff & members for having me as the guest instructor this month, I truly enjoyed working with you!
Maggie, 92, draws on the veranda during my workshop at the Commander's House in San Antonio

Below, Alex and Amada show off their works in progress.  
Teofilo, a student from my earlier portrait workshop, brought his painting by for some feedback. 


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