Dream Garden: Idea to Image

Dream Garden, 24" x 24" x 1.5", acrylic on canvas.   I finished this on the last day of July, obsessed with the color palette (any time I can incorporate a purple/orange Clemson color pairing, I'm happy) and excited about how it turned out.   Here's why: the composition was derived from a failed attempt at a large silkscreen.  Technical problems held back the printing in the beginning of July and so the prints are partially finished, to eventually be completed as mixed media.  It was nice to realize this image in another medium and have it not be a disaster.

My palette has grown brighter and brighter with each painting this summer, a result of hot weather and a blooming garden.

Above, the unfinished silkscreens lay under an edition printed at Frogman's Workshop.  After a recent trip home in June, I passed through my favorite airport in Pittsburgh.  It's become tradition to stop and take a picture of Andy's cows.  The color and repetition is always an inspiration.

The goldfish were living in my sketchbook, just waiting around for the right painting.  I enlarged the fish for the space and drew in the cactus freehand, veering away from my practice of laying everything out first on tracing paper.  My surroundings in South Texas served as the inspiration for their environment.  Below are some photos of Dream Garden in progress.

Details of the finished painting; the background pattern was painted using a transparent glaze.  The gel medium is wonderful for adding in shadows, too.


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