His & Hers: Idea to Image

The second half of the diptych Paper Roses (His & Hers) went through quite a few changes after I originally 'finished' it.  In my sketchbook and first version of the painting, I intended for the chairs to match, as part of a set.  The painting I finished last (tufted chair) was the canvas I started first.  After completing the paintings, it was back to my sketchbook & original visual resource, a tufted green chair in my parents' living room... 

Original version, with matching fabric
The final version of the diptych, Paper Roses  (His & Hers), each 24" x 36" X 1.5", acrylic on canvas
After a long day in my studio, I gessoed over the sideways striped chair, redrew it, painted it and repainted it again.  Even for a printmaker, there was just too much repetition in the matching fabric.  I thought the tilted pose would offset this, but it seemed awkward.  My final pieces are usually pretty close to the sketch-all the compositional changes happen in the layout phase, while I layer images on tracing paper before transferring to canvas.  The great thing about acrylic is that it is quick to dry and forgiving-for an impatient painter like myself, the ability to make changes and see the results quickly is a major advantage.
To photograph the large paintings in natural light without a glare, they had to be laid flat on my studio floor.  Lola, #studiocat, took this as an open invitation to make herself at home on the surface of the painting.  Every time.  Read about the inspiration & content here.


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