Hill Country Inspiration & Studio Progress

Here are a handful of snapshots from our Sunday evening in Hill Country.  Steven's coworker was married at the Paniolo Ranch and it was picturesque.  The gardens were incredible, full of cactus, flowers and fruit trees loaded with pears.  At the guest table were jars of pom-poms, glitter & sequins, which made me want to go home and put all my craft supplies on display.  
At our seats were tiny potted succulents with stamped flags.  I loved the color combination of the sun setting behind one of the food trucks (and, the polka dots, of course.)  It was also the evening of the year's second super moon, so the night sky was pretty amazing for our drive back to the city.

Read about the content of this painting in my previous post.  Lola, my eleven year old cat, is always nearby in the studio.  She's quite the assistant & critic #studiocat  The birds are a composite of a few different sketches, pulled from the pages of my pet bird books.


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