Plants, Sparrows & the Art House

I am finding inspiration all around me here, especially in the garden and along the little street to my apartment.  It is lined with garden boxes, filled with flowers, succulents and cascading vines.  I can't remember the last time I saw so many different shades of green.  

The studio is so peaceful-with the doors open a nice breeze comes through and you can hear the birds, crickets and trees rustling.  The occasional conversation in Italian wafts through and sounds from the restoration/construction next door can be heard during the day.  

The photos below are of Clare Galloway's studio, located near where we are staying.  She is a Scottish artist who lives in Guardia and runs her art house and bed and breakfast.  The space is a labyrinth of interesting rooms and filled with the nicest light.  

 This is a video taken from my balcony of the swallows at dusk.  They fly in endless circles.


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