work in progress: sparrows

Today I tackled the sparrows in two of my drawings.  The key lines of the image were transferred from my cartoon using a hard pencil.  The graphite lines disappear as I add the colored pencil over top.  I really enjoy this part of the process, watching the image slowly come to life.

I'd like to finish these up by the week's end and have three more ready for the artists-in-residence show at the end of the month (6 total, maybe 7). Our exhibition is set for July 24th here in Guardia Sanframondi.

The drawing is pictured alongside the sketch & cartoon for the image.  I wanted it to echo the strong triangular arrangements of figures so prevalent in Italian Renaissance art, which I viewed recently in Venice.

I began sketching the above image after returning from Vatican City, the morning I left Venice-palms were everywhere, dotting the sidewalk along the way to the metro.
More progress on the other drawing I shared yesterday.  Below are some of the plants and colors inspiring my art here.  I start my mornings with a walk into town for espresso & on my way I pass the most beautiful gardens-plants growing out of corners, perched on ledges and spilling over balconies.


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