Clouds rolling in

The view outside the studio doors today, off to the left it looked like the cloud was sitting on the ground. Chilly, gray and windy again here in Greve. I've been drinking mint water all day today. I discovered some fresh mint on the way to Montefioralle while walking with Jillian yesterday. I picked some, boiled it in water and chilled it in the fridge. The fresh mint smelled better than the mint water tastes. Oh well. This one is almost finished, from the sketch I posted a few days ago. a bit more work to do in the background. My favorite part is the iceberg in the distance. Here I attempted to create a more stage-like setting with flat colors and a shallow sense of depth.
Visit this link to see my bio on the La Macina di San Cresci website It can also be found under 'guest artists' where you can look at what other people have done at the residency so far.


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