Rainy days and farewells

Today it rained in Greve. The sky was dark, there was a chill in the air, and it felt like Fall. The next two days, according to Mimma, will be the same, 'che brutto tempo.' I always prefer a rainy day in the studio to a beautiful one (I'm more inclined to make art than run around outside in the sunshine.) Some recent progress...
I am finished with this one, for now. I have changed the rowboat from grayscale to brown, I think it works better than before, but still needs a little something. Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered...I would like to watch Labyrinth for inspiration, but it is not available to download on Itunes. I settle for the soundtrack.
Some delicioso bruschetta, made by Teresa for Jill's going away party yesterday night, ieri sera. It was a beautiful night to sit outside and relax. And it is always nice to have dinner cooked by an actual Tuscan! There was also couscous w/mint, salad, zucchini omelette, fried potatoes, gelato, macedonia....Jill and I were also lucky enough to see some handmade necklaces by Simonetta, Teresa's mother. Very beautiful sculptural jewelry that made me yearn for my sewing machine and home studio full of supplies.
Here we are in front of Teresa and Mario's beautiful roses. Winding behind us is their driveway, they live in an oasis outside of Florence in a place called Imprunetta. Behind their houses and courtyard where we had dinner, there were chickens, pigeons, and a goat and donkey wandering around amongst the olive trees. After hee-hawing really loudly when we approached, the donkey let us feed it grass. Jill left tonight on a train to Paris, and I will be alone in the studio for a week before another artist arrives from NY. I am sad to see her go, but as she said, DC is not that far away. Alla prossima volta!


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