Friday night in Tuscany

Very productive here today in the studio.I have finished the wallpaper background for the third drawing, having worn the pale green down to a teeny tiny nothing. It felt victorious to finish with just enough of the pencil left to color it in. Here is my workspace today. As you can see, I am trying to stay hydrated with my OU bottle. On my playlist today were the Smiths and Third Eye Blind (1st album). I also listened to Cocorosie's new album, and liked almost all of it. Here is a portion of a drawing in progress, titled tentatively What Took So Long. Tomorrow I tackle the foreground in graphite. I like realizing these drawings in sections, its fun to watch them appear on the paper, like magic. The colors are more saturated in life but the lighting here was not so good. Probably because I'm in a medieval cellar.
Had a wonderful and delicioso dinner in the garden above my studio with Mimma & Duccio, Jill (studiomate), some local friends and the Czech couple who is vacationing next door. They leave tomorrow to go back to Prague and so this was their farewell dinner, lots of fresh seafood and chianti classico to wash it down. Nom nom. A great day finished by a beautiful night outside in the fresh tuscan air. Goodbye new friends!


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