Almost finished...the clouds need to be filled in and then basta! Finito! It is a daring rescue, a love story. Two more working days in the studio and then off to absorb some art history in Florence! Non vedo a l'ora! Very excited to see what I've been teaching to my art history classes in person again and hopefully get some good photos for my slide lectures. Nerd. The new artist arrived yesterday, she is from NYC and will be working on landscapes in watercolor and gouache. Mailed off my last batch of postcards today, even though I will most likely get home before they do. I received a letter today from my Great Aunt Dee and was really excited! It made my day, and then some. I love mail! In fact, I made this collage concerning my love for letters by post (the lace was the inspiration for the background in my drawing).


  1. When do you leave? Do I have time to send you a letter or would it be lost in greve forever?

    Loving your blog and updates as I live vicariously through your life in Italia.

  2. Mail takes about a week to get here, I'll be home by then...Italy is not the same without you!

  3. Oh! The sinking boats and waves drawings. A love story, indeed.


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