while you were sleeping

Good morning! It is 7 am in America, lunchtime here, and while you were were all sleeping I got into the studio early today, excited to add to one of the first drawings I started here. Last night I sketched this snake, which you may remember from one of my woodcuts in grad school. He makes a repeat appearance here at the welcome home party, camouflaged under the couch. This is the beginning of the end of this drawing, it's nice to see some of them nearing completion.Two women, Bev and Gerry, from America (who are staying in greve for the summer) came to the studio today, Gerry is a retired art teacher from NC, moving to Asheville this year. I love that town, a good place for an artist. I passed the wild artichoke plants on my way back to the apt for lunch and noticed that someone had picked all the fruits. Now they just look like giant weeds.


  1. Glad to see the snake return! It is a beautiful piece of work! Amore Madre


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