La Macina di San Cresci, the studio

The studio at San Cresci, where I spend my days making drawings. The entrance is below my apartment, where the the art happens. It is just a few steps around the corner, and I bring hot tea every morning.  I share this space with a painter named Jill from DC. You can see part of her amazing & huge oil painting inside the door.

The gigantic table where I'm working on my drawings was once the bottom of a giant wine barrel. The cocoons hanging from the ceiling are an installation from a previous artist in residence. Notice the tiger painting on the right. A little bit of Clemson, even in Italy.  The dirt road outside the studio doors leads at a steep angle into town. It is surrounded by vineyards. I've seen lots of wild poppies, roses, roosters (who crow all day here) and artichokes.

 Pictured above is the view of the medieval village of Montefioralle from the studio doors.  It is like looking at a painting, and takes 30 minutes to walk there.


  1. yay for blogs! I love it! have fun and keep updating!


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