Monday monday! let the countdown begin...

What I once thought was too big of a table to possibly ever need is now full with the work I've made these past three weeks. Front and center is today's drawing in progress, 1/3 of the way done. I have two other pieces in rotation and will try and get some more sketches done tonight. As they get finished, I'll be posting the images to flickr, so make sure and visit and leave some comments if you fancy! you can access it by clicking on the typewriter at the top of the page.
Tomorrow will be nice weather (it has felt like october in Clemson this past week, windy and rainy and cold) so I will head out to the hills with some acrylics and attempt to do a few landscape paintings. Wish me luck, haven't painted since undergrad...exactly one week left of the wonderland that is this residency, on Friday I head off to the Uffizi Gallery and then a train to Genova in time for apperetivo with Giuditta! Woohoo!
The colored pencil body count so far. Thanks to my BF who mailed me some desperately needed replacements! My hero. He has been busy with engineering and photography while I've been away, and posted some very beautiful miniature pictures on his flickr site ( In other news, I bought some carbonation packets from the store this evening to make my own frizzante water, but I think I did it wrong because it just tastes like crocodile tears.


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